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Access Programming and IT Support Services is a reliable database consultant in Portland. Our years of experience in Microsoft Access and other IT services are solid proofs of our sheer professionalism. Just tell us what’s needed for your business and we’ll work it out. More companies go online these days than ever before. In order to expand your business, we provide a full range of web application and website database development. How are web application good for your business?
  • Created according to your needs. We take a cue from your needs and provide the best app for your business.
  • Quick data management. The web application allows automating the data collection from the customers to easily manage it. It is not limited in time and location.
  • Easy access for customers. The customers will be able to track their projects or apps from anywhere. As a result, it will highly save time and money.
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Features of Web Applications

Customized to Your Needs

Competitive web apps will bring you closer to your target niche market. Aside from that, web apps can build the foundation of your business. Through our web application development service, we can prepare your business for Internet expansion.

Easy Access for Clients

There are many occasions when you simply do not have the time to bring your clients up to date on the status of the project at hand. This is when our system will be of great convenience to you, as your clients will be able to check their project’s status on their own with the help of the data stored in the cloud.

Quick Data Collection and Organization

Web applications simplify the process of collecting data And provide you with a quick means of organizing and analyzing it. You can easily receive new data from clients, employees, outsourced producers and other sources, 24 hours a day, regardless of their geographical location.

Web application development stages:

  • Project analysis, planning, and research

    As a web application is an integral part of your business, you should pay enough attention to plan and discuss all the details. On this stage, we meet with our client, discuss the business idea with the expert team. Our professionals consider and analyze all the client’s requirements and wishes, and ask as many details as possible. This is a very important stage because the better the web application is planned, the better results you will get after its launch.

  • Design

    On this stage, our team will produce the application design according to your needs. Our designers will create a prototype and when you approve it, they will create the final version. We are ready to implement minor changes.

  • Dedicated Helpdesk

    Dedicated helpdesk keeps track of your trouble tickets, responds within SLA and ensures resolution.

  • Application development

    Once the design is approved, we do high-quality development during this stage. Our front-end and back-end developers create the interface, the server part, as well as the website database development. The software developer provides the coding, layout, and content integration. At this stage, you get will be able to use web application.

  • Testing and launch

    After development, we do thorough testing to ensure bug-free solution before going live. Our QA team makes a detailed test to prevent obvious bugs before the official launch. When we find some bugs, we immediately correct them. When the application is completed and ready to go live, our team officially launches the application.

  • Review and improve

    We will monitor the application performance after the launch, solve any bugs, and make required changes. If something wrong happens after the official launch, we immediately correct the errors.

Fully Managed Web App Development

Frequently Asked Question

Regardless of size and type, all businesses using technology require efficient and reliable IT support. Such support services helps to keep business data secure from cyber crime, execute business processes in a fast efficent way, which in turn, generates higher profits.
As an IT company, we provide security expertise, helping you to protect your business against cyber attack. We recommend using multiple layers of protection to keep your business secure; such as Two-Factor Authentication and Cyber Security Awareness Training. We follow industry best practice for data security, to ensure confidential data is protected.
New customers often worry that switching their IT Support provider will be a headache. By liaising with your old partner, we make sure the switch is as seamless as possible. Nothing falls through the cracks and it speeds up the handover process. We make switching worry and hassle free!
We’ve been supporting small and medium sized businesses in the UK, with 10 to 250+ people since 2011. If you work in property, financial services, or other professional services, we are perfectly placed to deliver the right IT solutions for your business. If you’re a business owner looking for an IT Support Devon company, then be sure to give us a call!

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